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Photo Books for organization

I just now finished up my 2013 photo book. Yes, I know it’s March. Whoops.

I started making yearly photo books in 2011, the year Max was born. I was tired of having tons of photos that only made it to Facebook or just sat around in cardboard sleeves. I think “regular” scrapbooking is amazing (like my friend Jennifer Chapin’s!), but I just don’t have the patience or space for it.

My first book was Max’s newborn photos. I really wanted to have a place to display all of them because I knew they wouldn’t be framed forever. And it also made a great gift for all the new grandparents! I loved how it turned out and came up with the idea of making one to encompass each year as a family keepsake.


My plan last year (and every year!) is to keep up on the year as it goes. I had January 2013 done last February and it was great! Except I never made it past January, so I just had to do the other 11 months now and it was pretty painful. This year, a friend suggested I put a reminder in my phone  for the end of each month (I should have thought of this long ago!). She also does a yearly one and said it is much easier and you don’t tend to forget things.

There are tons of online sites where you can make a photo book, but I use Shutterfly because we have a family website for photos, so I generally have my photos uploaded already and it makes life easier. I also make sure to take the photos off of my phone every month because there are always some good ones on there. Added bonus? My cell pics are always backed up. But any site would be great and can reduce clutter in your house.   Plus, you end up with a great keepsake you can cherish for years!


Here are a few websites you can use, but my #1 tip is to never buy it at full price! Just google for coupon codes or wait a few days to order because they always go on sale. And you can save them in your account until they do.

  • Shutterfly
  • mpix
  • Snapfish
  • CVS
  • mixbook

Let’s hope I keep up with 2014… I’m already done with January and February!

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