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hospital visit

Thank you all for your prayers this weekend, especially from those of you that saw this post on Instagram.

We’ve had a full week, a busy week… a really good weekend. But also? I a little bit of a health issue to take care of as well. Amongst the fun of swimsuit fittings and interviews with Land’s End, belt testing for my girl in Taekwando and speaking to a group of amazing women at Awaken this weekend, my husband, who never get’s sick, was. We tried to let it ride, to wait it out, to beat it at home… and yet, between coughs there was little sleep, for either of us. And after a night of hardly breathing… to the ER we went. I think it may have been from his flight home from Chicago where he and Brayden  visited me, and the extra couple of hours in that little enclosed space on the tarmac that did it… so travel healthy, friends, and wash your hands often!

I’m so grateful for the community of friends that surround us and cared for my kiddos and brought us food… from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

As I sat there in the waiting room with him and then next to his bed where he was hooked up to all kinds of test, IVs and monitors, I thought… “In sickness and in health.” We will always be WE, no matter what the story of our lives writes upon our pages. In those hours together, we talked and laughed, watched Pretty Woman and other romantic chick flicks (how awesome is he that he’d pick movies for me while he was the one admitted), and enjoyed those moments of just being us, together. Yes, the surroundings weren’t that of a posh resort, but rather sterile chairs and bedding, but we enjoyed it anyway. Yes, the circumstances weren’t ideal and instead of candle-light it was harsh fluorescent, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Where are you today? What moments are you inhabiting right now? Yes, it may not be your ideal circumstance or situation, but what can you choose to make of it? In the midst of monitor beeps and hospital smells, we made the best of it. We let go of the “to-do’s” of tomorrow or the “should-have’s” of the past and inhabited that moment… the moments where we could be just us.

Thankfully, we are home resting now and better. And though he was diagnosed with pneumonia, we are battling it well and he is already feeling much better today. A good thing too, because I’m scheduled to leave home again on Wednesday for a few days and everyone knows he’ll need as much energy as possible to keep up with our three littles. 

Happy Monday friends, enjoy it!


Tabitha Blue