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It was just two short days before our monthly calendar read my favorite holiday month, December, and I stayed up late into the night, beyond the sleepy heads of the rest of my family falling into bed, to whip up this Advent calendar before I had to catch a flight out of town. I knew I couldn’t leave without having this ready for my kids to enjoy… and I can’t wait to walk back into the coziness of the Christmas season in our home in just a few more days and enjoy the rest of our Advent Calendar activities together.
Advent Calendar-6
It all came together in just one short night, and after hanging in the window I closed the curtains over it to keep it hidden until December 1st!
Advent Calendar-8
My inspiration came from Funkytime and I just made it a little bit easier… no hot glue or cutting of felt for this tired mama, stencils and a sharpie worked wonderfully and quickly under the wire!
Advent Calendar-10
Just cut out squares of burlap, use your numbered stencil and a sharpie (or just write with a sharpie if you’ve got some skills) to write your countdown days and wrap up your toys or goodies… or in our case, our daily family activity.
Advent Calendar-11Advent Calendar-14
This is such a fun ritual that our family looks forward to every year, and this is probably one of the easiest Advent Calendars that I’ve put together, though I still love our Pottery Barn inspired chalkboard-paint infused project from last year and the sweet little paper bag calendar from 2010.
Advent Calendar-12
This feels so us right now… in keeping with a simple and cozy Christmas, with activities bringing the family together and crafted from materials that I mostly had around the house.
Advent Calendar-13
A crafty little Christmas it will be!

PS. I made my own printed calendar activities, but forgot to save the full template to share with you (it was late), so I found another great blogger with free printables for 100 activities for your own Advent calendar! Just click HERE.