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Yesterday we celebrated one year with our sweet Skylar. ONE year! For some reason, it’s actually hard for me to see him as a one year old, and so I have to keep reminding myself that it’s been a year since he filled my arms, and heart… and life with his contagious smile and happy little soul.

To celebrate, I spent a day in the kitchen whipping up some sweet treats for our sweet guy, and one of those treats was incredibly delicious confetti popcorn. I was actually worried that it wouldn’t last until party day in our house because every time I turned around, someone was sneaking a few kernels. And we’ll be celebrating here with a week long series of fun birthday inspired posts!

Confetti popcorn is actually really simple to make, and now that I have some extra supplies on hand, it would make a great treat for a summer movie night in our house.

I’ve been wanting to make a free printable popcorn box template for awhile, and so Skye’s birthday party filled with deliciously fun popcorn was the perfect opportunity. Confetti-Popcorn

The popcorn boxes are a free download for you, just print, cut and glue and you’ve got your own party supplies! I created the template in sky blue and gray to match the colors of our sky party, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to use them! Either way, try this confetti popcorn as soon as you can! It’s good. Really good. And super cute too.Confetti Popcorn-3

Confetti Popcorn

  • 3 bags microwave popcorn (we used kettle corn since that’s our favorite)
  • 8 oz white almond bark
  • sprinkles

Cook your popcorn according to directions and dump into a large bowl. Melt the almond bark in a microwave safe dish, cooking in about 45 second increments to avoid burning and stir frequently. Once the almond bark is melted pour over popcorn and stir until coated. Add in sprinkles of your choice until popcorn kernels and equally covered. (We like the round confetti sprinkles!) Spread out popcorn evenly onto wax paper to set, then serve and enjoy!Confetti Popcorn-10 Confetti Popcorn-9 Confetti Popcorn-8 Confetti Popcorn-7

Of course, if you have cute little helpers that like to eat as you make this treat… it may not last too long.Confetti Popcorn-6 Confetti Popcorn-5

I’d love to hear if you try! And don’t forget that you can download the free printable here.Confetti-Popcorn-2signature