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DIY No Sew Pennant Style Wall BannerI’ve been a huge fan of great phrases and words in artwork lately. And especially a fan of the few pennant style banners you can order online. Since my bathroom was still short on art (and I know, this isn’t in my bathroom), my mind has clearly been looking for new and different wall displays.

I decided to go ahead and make one of my own since this project seemed fairly simple, even if I can’t sew. First, I knew the project would be more affordable if I crafted my own and I could choose my own design more easily. Plus I wanted to have most of what I hang on my wall be something that I created, like this heart collage. In case you’d like to make your own, here’s how I made a no-sew banner:DIY Pendant Banner-2Supplies:
-Square of burlap or canvas (at least one inch larger than the banner you want to make)
-Dowel rod
-Stick-on felt letters
-Hem tape

-IronDIY Pendant Banner-31// Decide what size you’d like your banner to be and measure it out on your material allowing for an extra half an inch on each side, for a total of one inch larger than you want your final banner to be. DIY Pendant Banner-4DIY Pendant Banner-5DIY Pendant Banner-6DIY Pendant Banner-82// Once you have your material cut into the size and shape you want your banner to be, flip it over and line the edge with hem tape. Iron one side at a time with the hem tape until each side is finished. For the sides and the bottom, place the hem tape as close to the edge as you can, fold it over and iron until smooth. For the top, place your hem tape further down (about 2 inches) to allow about a one inch gap along the top to create a “pocket” for your dowel rod to slide into. For this banner, I used an extra pillowcase that I had from Ikea and it had straps along one edge. I opted to keep those and use them for the top, so I didn’t need to create the pocket on this particular one.DIY Pendant Banner-9DIY Pendant Banner-10DIY Pendant Banner-123// Flip over the banner and lay out your felt letters across the top. Use a ruler to make sure your words are centered and straight and then begin by attaching the middle letters first and work your way out to keep things even.

4// Cut your dowel rod to the right length so that it extends past the edges of your banner and slide into place. If you made a pocket in your banner, you can slide the rod right into the pocket. If you used something like I did that already had straps, I looped each strap and just used a safety pin to hold it in place, then I slid the dowel into the loops. DIY Pendant Banner-135// I first purchased leather strips to use to hang the banner, but decided to use some twine that I had on hand instead. Tie the twine to one end of the dowel rod and then measure how far down you’d like the banner to hang. Cut the twine accordingly and tie to the other end of the dowel rod. Hang and enjoy!

I just love the little bit of whimsy that this adds to our space, and how simple it was to create! Once I had rounded up all of the supplies, of which I had most at home already, it really didn’t take very long to complete… less than an hour. Now that I’ve made one, I keep thinking of other words or phrases to use, or when a see a great fabric or print I imagine what it would be like hanging on my wall, or I think about using paints to customize one, etc. There are so many options! I can’t believe that I had wanted to make one for so long, but had allowed my handicap of not being able to sew get the best of me… until I decided to figure out a way around it! It really is that simple.

Thanks for letting me share with you!