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pot of sunshine

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a Fab Finds post, and I think it was feeling a little left out, you know, with all this talk of the baby. So I re-assured it that just because a new family member was coming, didn’t mean that I would forget about it. And then I gave it a nice little back rub.
All is forgiven.
I think.
Last week, I was in the midst of a kitchen cleaning (which isn’t uncommon in this household right now, and if my back didn’t feel like it would give out on me if I cleaned up one more thing at this moment, I would probably be cleaning right now) and couldn’t fit one more thing in our cooking utensils drawer. So, I went out and found a place to store some of those utensils right on our kitchen counter. I found my own little pot of sunshine. It’s something so simple, yet it makes me smile.
If you find yourself in need of a place to store some of your kitchen utensils to save your sanity, just find something nice and cheery to throw them in. It’s much faster to grab a whisk from there while baking, and so much easier to put away that spatula when washing.
You can find a similar style here, or a fun modern style here, which it what I likely would’ve bought if I hadn’t found the deeply discounted version from a thrift store that my countertop is sporting.