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“I could use something, like a schedule or a list, so that I know what to do to help,” he said while tying the straps of the kitchen garbage that was on the verge of overflowing. The dishwasher was humming it’s tune in the background, like some kind of movie soundtrack where the anticipation builds and builds before the male lead says something undeniably romantic. And my heart? Well, let’s just say I fell in love all over again, and headed to the arms of my computer screen that night to whip up a schedule, before I fell into his.

This list was promptly displayed on our refrigerator that evening, along with another copy on Chris’ desk. A week in, and it’s been a huge help. Not that we will do everything perfectly or on time, not that every daily task will be finished that day, or every month. But it’s a guideline, and it something, something to look at and reference. And most days? We’ve done it all… and it’s easier than it looks, especially with our little helpers involved that are all so eager to take a wipe and clean up their table and chairs or put toys away. Well, maybe not so eager with the toys part, but it gets done nonetheless.

fresh mommy faves- cleaning calendar

Click here to download the Cleaning Calendar for your family to use, just post it somewhere conspicuous, let them know it’s there and hopefully it will make your job a whole lot easier.