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It’s been a little while since my last#FreshMommyReads book review. Though I started the beginning of the year strong, the time I could find for reading has slowly dwindled. That doesn’t mean that hope is lost for us book lovers who lead busy lives! I’ve found a few ways to keep this favorite pastime alive and well, and I’m sharing my tips today along with a new #FreshMommyReads book review of Victoria.4 Ways to Cozy Up to a Book When You Don't Have Time | #FreshMommyReads book review of VictoriaThis#FreshMommyReads book review of Victoria is an advertisement for SheSpeaks/St. Martins Press4 Ways to Cozy Up to a Book When You Don't Have Time | #FreshMommyReads book review of Victoria 4 Ways to Cozy Up to a Book When You Don't Have Time | #FreshMommyReads Victoria Book Review

Set up a schedule

Okay, so you don’t really have to write a specific time on the days schedule to read, although that’s fine too, but even planning ahead to give yourself 20 minutes of reading time a day totally helps. Yes, many days, 20 minutes is all I get, but it’s something! Maybe it’s getting to a little earlier to add it to your morning routine. Maybe it’s taking 20minutes while the littles nap before you get to the dishes and laundry that’s stacking up. For some it could be while you wait in car line, or on a lunch break at work. For me, I try to leave my phone, electronics and busy thoughts to the side during one of my feeding/nursing sessions with Aria. It definitely calms me, and usually by the end, I’m more relaxed and Aria is fast asleep. We all have that much time in our day to spare… it’s just finding where it fits in.

Set the scene

When I can reduce distractions and get the atmosphere around me cozy, there is trying nothing like settling into that scene with a good book. I like to light a candle or add a relaxing oil to my diffuser, grab my favorite blanket and something good to sip and before I know it, I’m lost in the pages of a good story or nodding my head as I take in tips for life and home. It only takes a couple extra minutes, but prepping your  space ahead of time can actually reduce those distracting thoughts while you read. (You know what I mean… those thoughts that happen while you’re simultaneously reading and suddenly you realize you have no idea what’s happening on the pages before you. Yeah those thoughts, we don’t need ’em.)

Set yourself up for success

Turn off your ringer. Get the little ones a snack and their favorite toys. Close your computer. Remove the clutter from your happiest reading area (I love nestling into my bed or cuddling on my rocking chair while I read).

There are few things more frustrating than getting into your page turner only to have the phone chirping away every five minutes or a ding on the computer to alarm you out of your story. Avoid the inevitable distractions by muting them before they happen.

Set your mind to it

In all reality, we always have time in life for the things we really want. It’s about setting priorities and deciding what rises to the top. Now I’m not saying that reading a book should take priority in life, but what I am saying is that taking even 20 minutes in the day for yourself to unwind and let your mind relax into another gear is completely doable, you just have to make that decision for yourself as well for it to happen. What I’ve found though? Taking those moments away helps me coke back to my real-life top priorities with more grace and patience then when I let the busyness of life rule mine.4 Ways to Cozy Up to a Book When You Don't Have Time | #FreshMommyReads book review of Victoria 4 Ways to Cozy Up to a Book When You Don't Have Time | #FreshMommyReads Victoria Book Review

So lately, while I’ve been taking that time to get my reading on, I was sent the early readers edition of Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. This historical fiction novel of young queen Victoria really had me intrigued! It took me through all of the emotions and reminders of that kind of awkward transition between teen and responsibility. I just love that the book is all based of Queen Victoria’s diary entries… and it kind of felt like that’s what we were reading, yet told in story form. Such a different type of read, and if you really want to know what I thought of the book before it’s release date on November 22, check out my newest #FreshMommyReads book review of Victoria on YouTube! Then pick up the book yourself next week!

Tell me, what’s your favorite place to read? Do you have a place in your home that inspires you to read?