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Since our move from Michigan to Florida over a year ago, we’ve been finding ways to make December feel like, well, Christmastime.

Item number one on the list? Decorate like Michaels and Pottery Barn threw up Christmas tinsel in the house. I’m a sucker for sparkle and glitter… and making our house one of the first on our street to glow. Now, I will say, I used a little restraint this year, since we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving and then I was gone for the first 12 days of December and couldn’t slowly add more, and more, and more each day.

Item number two that’s being crossed off of the list… have a constant party. With that said, let me introduce you to a few festive favorite highlights to our week I thought you might enjoy.

Our new favorite tradition: The Kissing Ball.
Christmas Season-1
One of our Advent Calendar activities this year was to hang mistletoe and get a kiss, and in preparation for it while I was still out of town, I sent Chris in search of the famed foliage. He came home with a kissing ball, and it’s been a hit ever since! Disclaimer: Chris and I quite enjoy the kissing ball, I think as much as our kids like coming up with “reasons” for us to stand underneath.

Our favorite mail: Christmas Cards
Christmas Season-2
We’ve been receiving something special in the mailbox daily, and it all gets hung and displayed on ribbon in the window, along with the hand-painted Christmas art, also one of our Advent Calendar activities. Speaking of which, the ribbon was already there and we’re hanging the cards in the space left as we take down an activity each day.

Our favorite new friend: Candy Cane the Elf
Christmas Season-3
Yes, I’m sure you’re over seeing The Elf on the Shelfeverywhere these days, so I’m not going to clog my feeds with his daily happenings. Just saying… we’re one of those families now, and our little ones couldn’t be more thrilled. After naming him themselves without help from us, and by naming him I mean Brayden answering, “No,” to all of Aliyah’s suggestions until Candy Cane… they love waking up to find him hiding in the nativity, or gobbling up a bowl of candy, or hanging in the pantry drinking syrup through a straw. There are so many places to find great inspiration and ideas for your own little elf, like here and here.

Our favorite laugh: Kid Snippets

Okay, so maybe not holiday related, but it is something we watched near our Christmas tree… and laughed. A lot.
Our favorite wrap: Butcher Block Paper
It’s been three years and it’s still my go-to wrapping. I’ll get a post together with some details and better photos, but for now I’ll just say, it’s great! And, I’ve been very quiet on Instagram these past couple of weeks, but I think getting back home and into the holiday spirit is reversing that trend. Come find me here!
So do tell, what’s your favorite this week?!
And if you’re still looking for a few ideas for a special kiddo in your life check our our Kid’s Gift Guide here!