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Skylar week 11-2 Brayden week 11 Skylar week 11IMG_4592


A portrait of my children, just as they are, each week this year.

So yeah, I’ve been falling a bit behind on the Frozen Moments front lately. Oh, snapping photos on my phone, definitely, but I haven’t been as great about every once in awhile picking up my camera at home… just because. There are a couple of other reasons, like the fact that I’ve been out of town, away from home and my family (which makes taking photos of them a tad bit more difficult, haha) and also because Aliyah hasn’t been a huge fan of photos as much lately…. well, and it seems like her social calendar fills up fairly quickly and she’s not at home as often as the boys. Is that enough for excuses yet? Good.

Skylar // Eating everything (remember when he wouldn’t eat anything?), crawling like crazy and walking… well, almost!

Brayden // Although he had a tough week in school (a preschool he attends) while I was out of town, he’s back to receiving praise and compliments from his teachers daily. I know he’s a pretty amazing little dude, but it’s still nice to hear it from others.

Aliyah // Oh, hello Aliyah’s feet! Yep, that’s her… a mover and a shaker, already.

What moments have you had with your loved ones lately that you’ve wanted to freeze in time?