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frozen moments 13_1brayden_ frozen moments 13FROZEN moments 13-1A portrait of my children, just as they are, each week this year.

Aliyah // She’s got a brave soul. We began piano lessons together at the beginning of this year, and with a three week trip away from our teacher and a few trips of our own, our lessons and practice time have been more sparse than abundant. But’s she’s determined, and after being asked at our first “getting-back-into-it” lesson on Wednesday if she wanted to be in that weekend’s recital, she happily said, “Yes!”

Brayden // Too cool for school. Or maybe not, since it’s most likely a learning game he’s playing… that can count as “school” right?

Skylar // His favorite spot in the house, the piano. Once he hears the first note being played, he fast-crawls to the bench and tippy-toes his way to any key he can reach. (Also, this moment pretty much melted my heart as Aliyah was teaching Brayden how to play, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?)

Happy Monday friends!! Remember with me this week not to rush so much that we miss the small little moments life gives us… let’s appreciate them, together!