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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (it’s actually been pretty hot this past weekend here in Florida) and I feel a spring cleaning bug coming on… it is spring you guys, which means Mother’s Day really is just around the corner. We’re wrapping up our Mother’s Day gift guide this season with a well rounded grouping of top picks for the mama in your life, after sharing our favorite DIY spa-like gifts and a look at the new limited edition line from LUSH! From the at home chef, to the fashionista to the sentimentalist, we’ve got you covered.Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015

Gone are the days of trying to hide the fact that we actually where makeup (I actually remember hearing, “Hold on, I have to put my face on.”), so instead let’s fess up with this cheeky This Bag Contains My Face makeup bag along with some rose gold Double Time Double Ended makeup brushes and some of the best lipgloss ever, at a great price too. I mean let your mama fess up because this is for her right? Unless you just want to snag one for her and for yourself! 

For the fashionista momma, a great pair of sunnies or sneakers (or both!) will make her feel like a rockstar while still staying comfortable on the go. These Ray Bans or classic black Vans will go with everything and keep her stylish even while running out to the grocery store. And something I’ve had my eye on lately for a stunning mix on the earring is the ear jacket!

Any mum loves a reminder that you’re thinking about her. I actually have a couple heart necklaces myself from my kids and it’s such a special item. Try a necklace that says, “I love you mom,” literally… or whatever message you want her to keep near her heart with an engraved piece of jewelry.

For the mom that loves to spend her time in the kitchen… and I mean actually likes it, not that she does it because she needs to, give her something to make her time in there even more enjoyable! Though it comes with a high price tag, the demos for the Vitamix Blender totally blow my mind. This is something that’s definitely on my one-day list and if you can spring for it, she’ll be ever grateful. Although, a comfortable and stylish apron and adorable measuring spoons are some of my favorite kitchen items and you can’t go wrong with this Cuisine Couture Apron (plus they have a matching mini version for the mini chef!), Gold Flatware Serving Set or Milk Bottle Measuring Cups where the interiors offer a hidden dose of fun and vibrant colors.

Happy shopping!


Tabitha Blue