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I know it’s not a secret, but in case you haven’t noticed yet, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I was happy to round up a few favorites in every price range, and even a handful of DIY options. So if you’re looking for something for mom, for grandma, for a mom friend… or want to share this with someone as a “hint”, we’ve got you covered!

mother's day gift guide1/ For the mom on the go, who made need an iPhone recharge in style (PS, this one’s on my personal wish list.)  2/ A scent I love and want to share.  3/ The sweet mint scent is perfect for a mom’s busy kitchen. 4/ A simple piece that leaves such a big statement for a mother… reminding to aim our little arrows in the right direction. 5/ Such a beautiful wood piece. 6/ I love this neutral bag for spring, and it perfectly holds an iPad… or whatever.  7/ I haven’t yet read this book (but it’s on my list!) though I hear it’s a great mother’s read.  8/ NYX butter glosses always deliver, and at such a great price, you can grab a few without hurting the budget.  9/ Looks good enough to eat, although these macaroons are made just for bathing.  10/ Every woman needs a great little notebook.  11/ I think this is the perfect polish, it looks great on everyone.  12/ The most amazingly scented hand cream, ever.  13/ Create your own mason jar tumbler for the iced coffee lover.  14/ The perfect gift for someone who loves photos of the family.  15/ Our favorite DIY scrub… mocha sugar body polish.

What is your favorite kind of gift to give or receive for Mother’s Day?