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I’m currently about 30,000 feet in the air, cruising altitude, and all I can think about is the opposite of cruising. It’s the push against the current, the going on an adventure, that is making my heart soar right now.

Let me take a step back. If you’ve been following along on any of my social channels, I’m sure by now you’ve seen me dancing with my photo (full page) in the latest issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. If not, I’ll shamelessly drop below 😉

Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine and Jergens Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine and Jergens Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine and Jergens

As you can see, it’s an ad for Jergens, and while I’m not being paid to write this post, #fulldisclosure, I was sent a box full of different scents to try and I’m loving them all!

But, let me take a step back even further. Last year sometime, and to be honest I can’t even recall when, a link came across my social feed to be an inside influencer with O Magazine. As I was clicking, typing, working and still in my phase of “multi-tasking” (something I’m working myself out of because there truly isn’t such a thing and I’ll share more here sometime, but let’s save that for another day), I filled out the application! The mantra in each issue of “Live Your Best Life” is something that I live, breathe and can totally get on board with, so filling it out? That was a non-starter.

Not really thinking much more about it, I ended up forgetting about it – because really, national magazines are always bombarded with emails, letters and applications… and I didn’t even think mine would be read.

As we neared the bend for the new year and all eyes were on the finish line, my mind actually raced for the new season. Our hands hung stockings with care and family baking parties happened in the kitchen, and “say YES to adventure” was something that kept tugging on my heartstrings through it all. Adventure was a word that kept popping up on my vision board and I knew plenty of going on an adventure was on the horizon.

That little catch phrase, say yes to adventure, became my theme for my year well before this year even began. In saying yes to adventure, or whatever it is you need to say yes to in your life, the other side of it also means getting clear about what that means and allowing yourself to gracefully say no to the things that don’t align.

I can easily get side-tracked here and this story is getting long… so back to it, during the opening interlude of our holiday season, while scrolling my inbox, the words came through the screen, “Welcome to the O Mag Insiders!”

I didn’t actually know what all it meant, all it entailed. But do you know the first words that came to mind? Say YES to adventure.

Here we are just a few short months later, and I can see my photo on just about any newsstand in any grocery, market, bookstore and airport. It’s been a little while since that happened, but just as surreal. Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine Adventuring with O, The Oprah Magazine

What catapults the story even more is the fact that my heart beats to the rhythm of “live your best life” and part of that is helping others do the same. You know that photo printed inside every May issue of O Magazine? It was taken by my sweetest friend, photographer and creative director here at Fresh Mommy Blog, Briony, while we were doing a quick light test to take someone ELSE’s photo to help propel them into their best life and bigger business dreams and goals (something we love to do and sometimes hold headshot sessions to accomplish just that!). I was in sweats, and granted, had on a little makeup because I was in public and would be directing a few photoshoots, but I wasn’t the focus of the day.

Isn’t that just like life though? When we spend our time striving and struggling, climbing no matter the cost, that’s exactly what we feel… struggle and exhaustion. But when we instead settle into the adventure, the ride, when we reside in grace for ourselves and those around us and use what inspires us and propels us forward to help others… something happens.

As you’re moving forward with others, that push against the current begins to feel more like cruising. It doesn’t mean you’re without struggle or without passion, in fact passion is the fuel. But the collective effect is something so much greater than the effort of one.

So here I sit, headed 1900 miles from home and going on an adventure, again. Another first… celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Mom 2.0 Summit with so many other amazing women that inspire me, propel me forward — and my hope is that I do the same.

In all the time, effort and heart I put into this space, into videos, into social media and into The Fresh Edit — when it’s fun and when it’s personal, when it’s easy and when I’m tired; if I can propel one other women, mama, entrepreneur… one other person forward towards living their best life, then it’s exactly what I want to be doing. #TogetherWeRise