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… and happy Martin Luther King Day!

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.IMG_0068

Fresh air is breathing through the house, windows open, after a cold snap this weekend and as I inhale and exhale with the gusts of wind,  my mind is bursting with ideas. 

This morning, the quote above hit home with me. It was a weekend of fun with my godson and his family (my dear friends) in town with us. We played hard and slept hard. Our plate was full (along with our home!) and sometimes coming off of the high of a great weekend means facing the week with dreaded anticipation. This time is different though, I’m allowing the stir of a good weekend to continue into the week. I’m taking a mountain of ideas and deciding to step off into the unknown (reaching out to a few people I don’t know on some projects and that can be intimidating for sure). I’m making choices to reach for dreams, to set goals and to enjoy each bit of the in-between.

On this Monday, where we remember someone who stirred the norm and challenged the acceptable, I want to do the same for my own life.

My question to you today is this, “What makes you come alive? What makes you smile more and dream larger? What is it that’s swirling and stirring and pulsating in your heart?” Let that revive you this week. Let the joy of it leak into your day. Take a small step, just one simple little step, each day towards making your dreams happen. We may not know what’s on the other side. It may be grand or it may be an #epicfail… although I really believe that whenever we take a step toward making that dream come alive, whenever we step out in faith, there is good on the other side. 

Today, believe that you are more than enough, that you have absolutely everything you need right now to start. I’m a planner and I understand the desire to wait until the staircase is in view and the details are laid out, but dreams are birthed through the steps in the right direction. Start your story today, begin your own staircase adventure today, with one little step.


Tabitha Blue