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2 weeks into the new year and I still have quite a few beginning of the year to-dos on my list!

Money // Easy Net Worth Calculator

There are a few different administrative items I have scheduled on our family calendar each January. One is a reminder to redo the IRS Withholding Calculator, as I mentioned here. Another is a note to complete our 2014 Photo Book (which I like to finish before the end of January because that is when I need to start the 2015 one!). And the last is our 2014 Net Worth, so I can add it to our spreadsheets.

We don’t have some magic Net Worth number we are striving for at this point, but Net Worth is a great benchmark to make sure our assets are increasing each year. I know I’m a freak, but I love seeing the concrete numbers every 6 months that show me we are moving in the right direction!

Whether you have had a plan in place for awhile or you are starting new, it’s definitely a good idea to do a Net Worth statement and see where you are at. That’s why I’ve created this easy and downloadable FMB Net Worth Calculator for you to use! It’s a great way to snapshot where your financial life is right now.

 Money // Easy Net Worth Calculator and Download

What are your New Year to-dos???

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