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Hump Day Dump 1/18/12

Things my kids may or may not have said this past week… (some quotes may be from dreams as my days have gone and crashed into my sleep and it’s all become one big game of “Are you awake?”)

Ignore what I just said.

Things my kids have said this week:

“Mommy, when I get there from the airport (at 1am) will you wake up and give me a hug and kiss? Good. And I need you to wash your face so you don’t look sleepy.”

“Let’s go moobie!” (movie)

“I have two luggages to take to the airport, and snacks for the plane”

“Stop it, WIYAH!”

“I thought you said there was going to be snow? Oh here’s some! Woo hoo!!!”
(She found a 3 inch patch in the middle of the grass.)

Aliyah: “Say ‘Thank you.'”
Brayden: “Thank you.”
Aliyah: “You’re welcome. (Holds up hand) Don’t say that.”
Brayden looks at Aliyah until she turns away, he smirks and says, “Welcome.”

hump day dump

Welcome to our tradition here on Fresh Mommy Blog… on Wednesdays, when I try to be wordless, I’m just going to dump the previous week’s photos from my phone. A little piece of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. And the resulting collage? Well, I think it speaks so much more than I could. Welcome to Hump Day Dump. Link up with us… whether wordless or word-full, one photo or many, taken with your phone or not, you’re all welcome here!

All of my photos were taken on an iPhone with the app and were put together using Big Huge Labs mosaic maker… super simple and free. I’m on instagram as TabithaBlue. For more fabulous Wordless Wednesday memes, check out Supermom Alysha, 5 Minutes for Mom, Better in Bulk and Wordless Wednesday