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Baby Blue, my 22 month-old daughter had a super fun, full of laughs, giggly, smiley, happy, messy time painting my house all the wonderful colorful shades of the rainbow! It first started out as six colors and as time went on the colors mixed and we she had a whole new palette to work with. She painted the glass doors, the sidewalk, my feet, daddy’s fingers… you get the picture. Thankfully the paint washed off with a spray of the hose. Well, this super fun project is super easy, so I though I’d share it with all you moms, teachers, or anyone else who just likes to have some fun in the sun!
mixed equal parts cornstarch and water, poured into a muffin pan and then added food coloring to the different cups to make different colors. We took the pan outside with some small paintbrushes and let loose. It took baby blue a couple of minutes to realize that it was OK to paint wherever and whatever with this paint, but once she got the hang of it, she didn’t want to stop! So, go make yourself a pretty little palette of color and let the imagination run wild!