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One of the best things about having kids is totally reliving and enjoying holidays with them. Every single holiday is better when lived through the eyes of a child. Without kids, I’d be totally happy staying indoors in pjs and passing out candy to the littles canvassing our streets. But with them? It makes me excited just watching their eyes light up.

Last year was a little tougher on us since my father-in-law was hospitalized and Chris flew out to see him. So it was me and our three, with the littlest in the stroller and a little bit more stress than fun. But this year, with our littlest toddling up to houses “ga-ga-ga-ing” while chasing his brother and sister and the whole family around, we made the most of it! It was so fun to watch all of them run from house to house and end up with more candy than they could carry by the end of the night and smiles as big as their sugar filled faces.DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-18 DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-19 DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-22 DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-23 DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-24


After watching The Incredibles movie earlier this year, we had it in mind to turn ourselves into the family of superheroes for months! Of course, I didn’t start on our costumes until the night before Halloween! But thankfully, these were easy to throw together. Since I’m not a sewer, I’ve learned to work a little magic with a hot glue gun. With some red tights and cheap red shirts, the look came together pretty seamlessly. I couldn’t find my size in tights, so I bought the largest girl’s tights I could find. For some reason, I couldn’t find infants red tights or full red pjs (maybe I shouldn’t have waited until the night before on that one) in time, so we changed it up with black leggings for Skylar. Wearing our red tights and red shirts as the base of the costumes, everyone added black underwear or shorts over top and we finished off the look with orange duct tape! We picked up black gloves from Walmart for about 50 cents, and wore our black boots. Side note, Brayden didn’t have black boots, so I put a pair of Chris’ black socks over TOP of his rainbow colored rain boots to create his black boots! For the logo, I created that with a few sheets of felt and the glue gun. To recreate the look, just print off the logo here and cut out. Just trace the size of the oval onto black felt and cut. Then cut each colored piece from the template and trace  (colored side down) onto matching colored felt. Cut out your pieces and begin to build and glue your logos together. Once complete, just glue onto the red shirts.DIY Incredibles Family Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-3DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-10DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-12DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-2DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-15DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-16DIY Incredibles Costume | Fresh Mommy Blog-17Then we just played with our hair! I pinned mine up underneath to create a short hair look and added a load of gel and hair spray to the boys’ hair to create their looks. For Aliyah, we indulged her with some black temporary hair color spray. I have to say, a couple of hours (if that) of effort was so worth it! This is one of our favorite family costumes yet… and of course, with everyone old enough to really enjoy the candy collecting, it was most definitely a night to remember!

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?



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