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chicago polaroids

You may have noticed by now that we like to travel. And when I say “we like to travel” I mean, I get to travel for work and my gracious family traipses around after me so that I don’t have to be by my lonesome all the time.  They’re the best. They really are. I think I should keep them around.

One of the upsides to this gig, is that my children are growing up with an appreciation for travel… and knowing the ropes.  Another upside? I get to hear hilarious fodder quite often.  I thought I’d share some with you.

On our recent trip to Chicago, we hit a nearby Starbucks for breakfast before I had to take off for a few hours, and Aliyah asked for her own Chai tea, since she knew I’d be leaving and she couldn’t share mine.  We indulged. As we’re walking down the street, my four-year-old happily carrying her own Starbucks cup in one hand, splashing along in her galoshes and admiring the skyscrapers from under her trapper hat, says, “Oh, I just love New York.” I look down at her, smile back, and say, “We’re in Chicago.”

The next morning, as I’m in the bathroom, releasing a freshly curled tendril from the curling iron, I overhear, “Aliyah, are you hungry?” And then lost it when I heard her reply, “No thanks, I just ate a blueberry.”

A good friend of mine that I had the pleasure to work with again in Chicago, gave me a handful of goodies to bring back to the hotel room for Aliyah.  As I’m unpacking her gifts, I ask if she remember’s my friend, Martin… and she waves her hand dismissively and states, “Oh mom, I’ve known him for hundreds of years.”

On a taxi ride to the Shedd Aquarium, which turned out to be quite a feat on a rainy, overcrowded day for my friend and Aliyah, they pass a bright yellow building that stood out to my friend in the midst of the gray brick surrounding it.  As she pointed out the fun-colored front to my daughter, Aliyah says, “Yeah, that’s a Mexican restaurant. I’ve been there, it’s good.” While my friend double-takes, wondering how Aliyah knows this when she didn’t even realize it was a restaurant, Aliyah continues, “And just up around this corner is a Starbucks.” Suffice it to say, she had that cab driver wrapped around her finger by the end of the ride.  And in every city we’ve been in since? She’s wanted to take a cab.

And as for my little guy… he laughs at just about everything she says.

chicago polaroid

Notice the tie? Yeah, it’s my fave.

I love it when they travel with me.

PS. Have you seen him walking?!  And tell me… what crazy things have your kids said?

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