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the kiss

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
~Henry David Thoreau

Seven years ago, today.  Yep, it’s our anniversary baby, and we are remembering…

Getting a morning massage to start the day relaxed on my last day of waking up alone. The brightness of the sun shining through the curtains on that gorgeous day.  Yelling into the speaker, “I’m getting married today!” when my friend’s answered the phone.  Not being able to speak, except for yelling, because I was sick.  Not caring about being sick, because I was getting married.  Feeling like a rockstar while being fussed over in the salon chair. Deep breaths. The amazing water-front view through the glass walls. Squealing with my girls.  A beautiful mess of makeup, dresses, shoes and hairspray… and nonstop chatter and laughter from our prep room. Watching the chairs fill.  Seeing how beautiful my mom looks. Feeling humbled and honored for all that came, from near and far, for our day.  Crying while I watch my daddy take a deep breath and pull it together before our walk.  Butterflies when the music starts to play. Locking eyes with Chris, and crying again at the site of his tears.  Hearing the entire room bust out in laughter at daddy’s jokes at the altar.  The salt covenant.  Sweaty palms, adrenaline rush and applause.  Cutting the photo-shoot short because I couldn’t stand much longer.  A Benedryl high.  Entering the most beautiful room with a ceiling of thousands of twinkle lights to a roar of friends and family… and bells. Big smiles.  Kisses that lift me off my feet.  A chocolate fountain. Tricking the girls with the bouquet and really giving it to the longest-married couple, and still giving every girl a flower. Dancing like crazy. Tiana’s toast. Corey’s stealth dance moves.  Sneaking away for long kisses.  Stories with my girls and laughing harder than I’ve ever laughed before. Wishing it would last forever.  Seeing everyone’s faces light up to the sight of coney-dogs at midnight.  Watching my grandma’s silver hair reflect the lights on the dance floor as she got her groove on.  Hot-tubbing it in the middle of our hotel room.  Calling the concierge for candles since we forgot, and being amazed that he actually went to the store to get us some. Feeling more in love than we’ve ever felt in our lives.

And now, seven years later, loving MORE.

The big day
We did it
wedding dance

I’ll never forget it. And if I could, I would relive it over and over and over.