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wordless-wednesdayHello Wordless Wednesday Friends. I think we all have those days, or those weeks rather, where we set aside the pressure to post, to publish… to perform, and instead just enjoy the time we’re blessed to have. That’s been me lately. I have to admit, the past couple of weeks have found me a little burnt out on social media and blogging. Although Instagram is still my favorite form of social media, and I usually take a few moments to browse through it every day, I have been a little MIA for the rest. Mainly because we’ve had family in town (and at our home for most of it) since our return from our recent #bluesummertour, and it’s been great! The house is full of little feet, squeals, laughs, chaos and messes… and after a full day together, we all crash hard every night. So cheers to family, and a life lived full! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

The photos in this post were originally taken with my iPhone and most were posted on Instagram. The collage I created in Photoshop for those of you that have asked. If you want to find me, I’m on Instagram as TabithaBlue and would love to “meet” you!