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Wordless Wednesday at Fresh Mommy Blog!
Happy mid-week lovies. I hope your week started off fabulously and that you take advantage of all the beautiful moments the rest of the week has to offer! We made it through our recent detox and are still enjoying the residuals… like feeling great and craving more fruits and vegetables, although I’m sooo loving bread again. I will say, infused water is my current crush because it tastes just as good as it looks! Though we stayed close to home this past week, it was nothing short of cozy and comfortable… and loud and beautiful too! How has your past week been? I’d love to hear!

The photos in this post were originally taken with my iPhone and most were posted on Instagram. The collage I created in Photoshop for those of you that have asked. If you want to find me, I’m on Instagram as TabithaBlue and would love to “meet” you!