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I started this post last night and a few sentences in, my eyes began to close. In the spirit of saying “yes” more… to the right things, like listening to my body and giving more attention to my kids, consequently hearing their hearts expressed through simple words, I decided to go with it and slid into the crisp, cool sheets of my bed, tucking under a thick layer of down.

So here we be. Rewind.

Kids at School
Taken on my iPhone while walking the kids out to P.E. today. 

“I said yes, how could I have said anything but yes?” he recalled as we talked about our daughter’s request this morning. Our 6 year old, our kindergartener, asked for her daddy to take her to school, and to walk her all the way in to class. We talked about the parents that may have even faced the same question, and whatever their answer… They would not have that same opportunity again.

She knows. Not everything, not all the details… But she knows something. Pointing to her new “security that’s here for the week,” as we pass by and at random moments asking questions.

Today I was in her class of 19 littles, something I try to do each week, but today? Today was different. The children are the same, with their energetic little bodies wiggling in line and sticky fingers learning how to write, and draw and cut. The difference lay in me, in the way I could see through different colored glasses. We are changed, we are all changed. I look at each moment differently, and though I thought I used to look at little moments with precious passion, I realize that my compassion for each moment, for each person in the moment, was waning.

“I was so cute when I was a baby,” one little girl said as we worked together on tying bows.  “You still are, and pretty too,” I answered softly back and was rewarded with the upturn of her lips and a shy smile.

Another little girl’s face was streaming with quiet tears after a fall. “Do you need a hug?” I asked, and before she said a word she was in my arms for a sweet little side hug. Is it all the correct way? I don’t know. But do these kids need reassurance and compassion? Absolutely.

In a time when we’re all looking for ways to learn how to say “No” more, something I do when I know I need to simplify… I’m now looking for ways to say “Yes.” Yes to the right things. Yes to using what we have, who we are, to make a difference in someone else’s day. We never know when we may see them again.      

Waving goodbye to the security guard today, I nodded in heartfelt thanks and a quiet plea to keep my baby safe.

Tabitha Blue