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It comes around once a year. The holiday marked with love. With overpriced chocolates and funny little cards. In an explosion of red and pink. And yet, in my opinion, the most exciting part of the holiday is the chance to get creative. To make something fun and spread the love.  This year, inspired by my little Rock Stars, we did just that… and it all started with a photo shoot.

Remember that one time I posted about our LOVE ROCKS Valentine’s Day  photo shoot and then forgot to share the fun delicious little goodies my kids handed out to their friends? Or at least Aliyah handed them out while Brayden pretty much had no idea what was going on.

Well, here’s an idea to save in the bookmarks folder for next year, because this personalized little Valentine was a hit!

Valentine cookies

My little chef and I made miniature sugar cookies, which we then dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with pink sugar crystals to make these tasty little treats. Once the chocolate hardened, we bagged them up, 2 to a bag, in the small clear gift bags and then added our own personalized bag tag by folding over top of the bag and attaching with our stapler. (I’ve made the tags available as a free printable download here, and you can personalize with names and photo.)

Hope you enjoyed your Love day!  I did and I just polished off one of those creamy grapefruit sized cupcakes I mentioned yesterday. Between that and the fact that my family is en route to see me, I’m still feeling the sugar high.