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DIY Gold Dot and Pom Pom Ballet Flats by Fresh Mommy BlogRemember those red pom poms we made? Well this was what they were for! We wanted to make some sweet little Valentine shoes for Aliyah and I knew gold dots were going to be a part of it, because I just can’t seem to break up with gold dots yet. I only want more. After searching around for a couple of days for a great deal on plain ballet flats (harder to find for a little girl than I’d anticipated), we scored this black pair for $5! Since the shoes themselves weren’t pink or red, we decided to embellish a little for V-day and that’s when the pom poms came into play.
Gold dot shoes FMB-1The concept and execution is pretty simple really, and you probably have most items on hand. Let’s get to it shall we!
Supplies Needed:

Gold dot shoes FMB-2When you’re ready, just dip your sponge into the paint and dab onto the lid of your paint to remove excess. Then press firmly onto shoe. I went through and made all my dots and then went back over the dots a second time if they needed a little extra oomph. I just randomly applied the dots without counting or spacing… I like the slightly imperfect polka dot on these shoes.Gold dot shoes FMB-3Gold dot shoes FMB-4I have to admit, I really liked the shoes as just black with the shiny gold dots, and so instead of attaching the pom poms to the shoes directly, I decided to make them detachable. With the hot glue gun, I attached a few of Aliyah’s hair clips to the pom poms. Three in fact… one for each shoe, and one for her hair. Now, when we want to add a bit of red, we just clip them right on! And when we don’t want that extra bobble, we can take it right back off.Gold dot shoes FMB-5Gold Dot Ballet Flats by Fresh Mommy BlogThis is a pretty quick and simple project, besides allowing enough time to dry before wearing. But the result is a big change. These are now my girl’s favorite go-to shoes to wear… and she always gets compliments on them! What more can a girl ask for in a pair of shoes!