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Butcher paper and simple baker’s twine are two ingredients that make up some of the prettiest packages I think I’ve ever seen! Even on my Pinterest “packaging” board, I’ve noticed that most of my pins there include one or the other, if not both. Not that I’ve accomplished making quite that level of perfection, but a girl can try, right?

I have this large roll of butcher paper that’s lasted me through three years of Christmases so far, and I’m definitely not quitting the trend yet. I’m still very much in love with my faithful friend that always creates a clean slate for whichever color scheme or personalization I want to add, and I love that I don’t have to spend a small fortune on new gift wrap each year. This time around, I decided to dress my gifts up with a splash of cheer in the form of gold paint… and I’m having so much fun filling up the space under the tree!

On top of it all, if you’ve been around this space very long, you’ll know another almost-overused trend that I’m not quitting just yet is the chalkboard theme… this time done in printable gift tags.
Christmas label printables and wrapping-5
Christmas label printables and wrapping-4
Christmas label printables and wrapping-2
To get this look:

1/ Wrap presents with butcher paper.
2/ Using gold paint, adorn your packages in dots with round sponges or stripes with a brush.
3/ Once dry, add your printed gift tag and use a gold paint pen or sharpie to address.
4/ Add ribbon, string or baker’s twine, maybe a dash of glitter, a candy cane, some lace or a little ornament to complete the look.

I love that these packages are done with items that I’ve already had around the house! Wrapping this year = free for me! And that my friends, is always a plus.
free christmas printable gift tags
Feel free to download your own set of Christmas tags here, then just print on a sheet of sticker paper to cut and use or print on plain paper to attach with tape. Christmas label printables and wrapping-1

What are you wrapping your gifts in this year? I’d love to hear!


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