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Master Bedroom + Nursery Nook, Fresh Mommy

We’re getting down to the wire with Peanut #3, and so I thought I’d share the inspiration behind our shared master bedroom and nursery nook that is just now beginning to come together. Since we decided against a separate nursery for the time being, and our babies tend to stay in our room for a good few months in the beginning anyway, we’re calling this space a nursery nook… and wanted to keep the look soothing and comfortably sophisticated for our master bedroom, without sacrificing function or the bit of whimsy we wanted to add.

If you’re wondering, I haven’t really started with putting any of this together yet, besides clearing out the dresser for the bunny’s things and subsequently cleaning out and weeding through our entire closet. There’s also one other small project completed for our updated space, and that’s our bedside tables. I had an idea in my mind for these simple and sleek white lacquer tables and couldn’t find them anywhere, although I did find a few similar styles for a very high price tag. Because I already have a list of items that I’d like to purchase, I just couldn’t justify spending a large amount on nightstands and decided that we’d make them. You know, because I’m sure my hubby would be more than happy to help… then another idea came that happened to save money and the dimensions fit perfectly in the space we have! We purchased two square Expedit shelving units from Ikea, and built them using only the top and two sides, giving us the sleek design of the nightstand table I was hoping for (see photo above)!

So now, I just have to put together some art for the walls, figure out which of these items from our dreamboard I can score (or find another similar piece) and put together before baby arrives! We are getting close to go time – only five weeks left (even though I’m a little behind in posting our weekly series) – and I’m anxious to get the details all worked out while waiting for the “end-of-pregnancy” energy to kick in and help a mama out.