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Merry Christmas Eve, beauties! The day is here and we are thrilled, so while I’m in the kitchen wreaking havoc, or in other words, cooking up our Christmas dinner and trying to keep the kids from their presents for ONE MORE DAY, we wanted to share this year’s Christmas Card.
We wish we had enough cards and stamps to send one to each of you (and addresses as well, I feel like I was rounding up address for days… step one in the New Year: Update Address Book), so I hope this virtual card will do!!

We had a few other ideas up our sleeve for our card this year, but since I was gone most of November and was home for about 24 hours, we had to snap a couple of quick pics. And what’s more comfortable that a photoshoot in your pajamas? Chris and I would have piled in there with them, but since I was makeup-less and crazy hair-ed while unpacking and repacking, I opted to stay behind the lens this year. We love how these cards turned out!Thank you to all of our wonderful readers for a dropping in on us while we share bits and pieces of our lives with you here. We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with all the people, and trimmings, that you love most! Even if you’ve got a schedule of chaos or a clean slate for a laid-back holiday, we hope it’s frosted with cookies, pajamas and whatever else brings you joy. We’ll be dropping in occasionally and otherwise celebrating lots of life, love and family. Cheers to you and these very special couple of weeks!Feel free to link up your Christmas posts with us, whether wordless or not, it’s all about the Christmas season this week!