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Well, Christmas is over, so it’s New Year Resolution time! I’ve got two ready to go.

What? You’re not ready? You don’t have one?

Good news, I have a great, mostly painless, resolution for you! At least it’s pretty painless for the first half of the year.

This resolution is the perfect way to ease you into saving money throughout the year. The 52 Week Money Challenge works great for a Christmas or vacation savings account. I think it would be a good beginning for people who just need a savings jump start, and it can be fun and something anyone can get in on.

The challenge: Each week you deposit the number of dollars that correspond to the week of the year it is. For example: Week One, deposit $1. Week 15, deposit $15. Week 47, deposit $47. By doing this weekly savings challenge, you’ll end up with nearly $1400 by the end of the year!


We’ve included an easy chart for you to download and cross each week off as you go. Join FreshMommyBlog in saving for 2014! Let’s invest in ourselves this year!

And my other New Year’s Resolution? To be a little more present at home. To stay off my phone when it’s not necessary. To pay attention to the little things. Like a little boy playing in the snow.



Oh my

Happy almost New Year! We hope you will join us!

Do you have any other resolutions, or goals, made for 2014?

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