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We’re dipping our toes into new waters! Okay, yes, maybe I’m using that play on words just so I can share that beach photo since we’ve been longing for the beach right about now, but we’ve been having our hands full moving, designing, tweaking, editing and perfecting this new space. Welcome to the new Fresh Mommy Blog. For the last month, or a little longer, we’ve been working behind the scenes building this new blog. We’re on a new platform now, so searching, organizing and sharing should be much easier and more fluid… for all of us! We had a few late nights with headaches this week working out the details, and literally falling asleep on our computers, and though we lost some comments along the way, we’re very pleased with how it’s all turned out. You may see a few little tweaks or changing here and there, but I’m loving how simple it is to see all of our content and posts now.

We have a new hover “pin-it” button as your mouse rolls over an image… and it will pin directly to that post, so I’m excited that pinning recipes, projects and inspiration will be nice and easy. Down at the bottom, there’s a “popular posts and pages” section that will showcase what’s been clicked on lately. And you can easily browse our new streamlined categories. While I’m still going through the archives to make sure each post is updated, compatible and filed under the correct category, you can use the search box in the side bar to find any posts, projects or recipes you may be looking for.

Thank you so much for your patience this week while we were working out some final kinks… although I believe we still have a little ways to go! Please click on the bloglovin or RSS button under my profile photo in the sidebar to subscribe and follow along with each post, if you’re already a subscriber, I don’t think there will be any issues, but you may want to check and see. Also, we have a new email subscription button in the side bar that will allow you to sign up for our FREE newsletter that will highlight featured posts, announce giveaways and bring  you exclusive content!

Have a look around and let us know if you notice anything that may need our attention, we know it’s still a little bit of a work in progress… but I didn’t want to keep waiting for perfection to launch.

In the words of Margaret Atwood, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.”

Again thank you so much! Be sure to bookmark and link to this new site, since I will no longer update the old blog. Cheers to what’s to come!