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A few weeks ago, I did a post on Goodbyes, but this week I want to talk about something more fun… Hellos!

We got to have our favorite type of Hello just last week. Daddy came home after two months of being away!

Now that Max is a bit older, I love the morning that I get to tell him we’re going to pick Daddy up. He’s just old enough to get excited about it, but not old enough to deal with the information earlier than the morning of. This time I asked him “Guess who is coming home today?” And he slowly grinned and whispered “Daddy?!?” It was adorable.

I loved the 2 hours he had to wait, when every fifteen minutes or so he would say “I want to go pick up Daddy on his boat!” or “I want to go see Daddy now and then drive the pirate ship!” Yes, he thinks his Daddy drives a Coast Guard pirate ship. He’s 2, can you blame him?

Pirate ship

When Daddy finally arrived, Max ran towards him full tilt and I stood back to watch their highly anticipated reunion. There is nothing in the world sweeter than the joy of a small child. It made me think.

What if we looked at all of our Hellos with the joy of a child? What if we made each Hello into something beautiful?

I know that this particular Hello was exciting and emotional for us, but any Hello could impact someone else. My challenge to you is to bring joy to all of your Hellos.


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