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Tracking PixelI find it so important to take moments out with each of my kids and find beauty in the ordinary things; and having the right essentials on hand helps to make it happen… I’m sharing how I make it happen in this post sponsored by Boon.

With four kiddos and the demands of their schedules as of late, I’ve been feeling like the balance is skewed and when that happens it’s harder to find the beauty in ordinary things. And fellow mamas, you know just what I’m talking about when I mention that mom-guilt creeping it’s way back in.

But here’s the thing, I’m going to drop a truth bomb on this mom-guilt thing.

And believe me, I’m preaching to the choir, because I’ve had my share of it lately.

Your time with your kids won’t *magically* increase when you jot “must spend time with kids” down on your never ending to-do list.

And on the flip side, your kids won’t be scarred for life, just because you’re playing with bubble bath with your littlest and can’t attend to their whims at the moment.

As your water-worn, wrinkled fingertips splish and splash through the bubbles, it’s so easy to think about the next thing on the list instead of what’s unfolding right in front of you, what needs to be done like yesterday or reach for your phone to scroll Instagram and subsequently compare your real life with everyone else’s curated ones.

We’ve all done it and we all do it.

It’s not about the amount of time we tally and check off the list, and it’s not about dividing up every minute evenly between children, home, lists and work. It’s not about spending time just for the sake of it or making every minute grand… but it’s about being intentional with the moments we do have with our kids.

In other words, being intentional in any area of life is like a job. Raising kids takes work.

Like, a lot of work.

But it’s been my most fulfilling life’s work. And while there are times chaos reigns or I want to cry over one more spilled thing, I’m also learning to really enjoy and be intentional about the beauty in these simple moments with my little ones.

The joy in splashing through a sink bath and the beauty of spending a couple of mornings a week, slowing down and really enjoying these preciously fleeting times with my littlest one. I’m making intentional moments out of the ordinary things. The mundane task of baths becomes our shared time together. The cuddles on the bed afterwords, while we trim nails, laugh and play, brush hair and get dressed to face the day are sacred shared minutes. 

It’s truly beauty in ordinary things.

My question today is this, what is ordinary in your life that you can turn into an extraordinary moment together with someone you love?
It's so important to take moments with each of my kids + find beauty in the ordinary things; having the right essentials on hand helps to make it happen! Thankfully there are innovative companies that take a parent’s job of precious moments seriously too, and create products to help make the mundane of routine a little easier… especially with the scary tasks of clipping finger nails and sucking out nose gunk. ‘Cause really, I think parenting most days should be it’s own episode of Dirty Jobs

See how we I take the task of a morning routine and enjoy it with my sweet babe in this video with Boon CARE kit!

Boon CARE is an essential bundle for every bundle of joy, and I think it’s become my new go-to gift for a new mama with so many brilliantly designed essentials (BPA, PVC and Phthalates free of course!) that are easy to use with a new babe and it all tucks neatly into a zippered pouch.

  • Quick read thermometer with a flexible tip, an essential in every home for sure. 
  • Silicone toothbrush that is gentle on gums, and makes my teething little babe quite happy. 
  • Nail clippers with a large handle that makes them easy to grip, saving parents the scare of this task! I remember having to hold my oldest down just trying to keep her as still as possible so I wouldn’t slip and hurt her.
  • Nasal aspirator that uses cotton balls or tissue as a filter, and though it seems like a gross job, this is SUCH a great way of cleaning out those little noses. 
  • Medicine spoon with removable soft spoon tip to easily fill dispenser. While we never want to have to give our babes medicine, the day inevitably comes and this spoon with the easy to read measuring labels make this one an essential, for sure.
  • Cradle cap brush with soft bristles to gently massage scalp… and it just reminds me of a donut which makes it fun to use as well! 

It's so important to take moments with each of my kids + find beauty in the ordinary things; having the right essentials on hand helps to make it happen! It's so important to take moments with each of my kids + find beauty in the ordinary things; having the right essentials on hand helps to make it happen!

What do you do to find beauty in ordinary things? Are there moments you have to climb out of that parental-guilt rut? I’d love to hear your stories and tips!!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boon.