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… Otherwise known as Hump Day Dump!

I’m now sitting in the household parallel to the calm after the storm. After a quick overnight trip, a road trip just a short three hours away to the opposite shoreline of our sunny state for bigger waves and less responsibility, for face to face chats over lunch with friends we haven’t seen in years and uninterrupted pool time with the sound of the ocean crashing the shore filling the space around us… we are now back home. In the first few minutes, we spilled through our familiar door with bags and wet towels, loud voices and road trip food remnants, and yet, just a few moments later, a hush fell through the halls of our home and tired little bodies slept.

The mornings of a day that we’re scheduled to return home always follow the same pattern, or at least a similar one. But the main underlying theme rests in the fact that Chris’ mind is already on it’s way home. It’s like there’s this magnetic pull, this draw, to the comfort of his abode. His own personal sanctuary. A place of rest itself. And I get it. I think the kids just might feel that was as well. Though they didn’t want to leave our mini vacay on the Atlantic coast, they soon sank into the comfort of their own beds upon our late afternoon return.

And with that, as I sit in the quiet of a house asleep while evening’s horizontal sun rays flood the windows, here’s our week in review:

  • An obvious favorite, afternoon naps.
  • Park dates and lunch with friends.
  • Ice cream, one of our happiest treats.
  • Road trip! And “naughty” road trip snacks. And falling asleep mid-snack. All of it, priceless.
  • A beach boardwalk full of rides, and a very big, exciting ferris wheel.
  • Evening cuddles with my very sleepy baby.
  • Brayden’s make-shift hotel bed. In which he slept in happily… and all night long.
  • Road trip fuel. Aka, Starbucks.

Hump Day Dump:: 5-2-12 

Welcome to our tradition here on Fresh Mommy Blog… on Wednesdays, when I try to be wordless, I’m just going to dump the previous week’s photos from my phone. A little piece of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. And the resulting collage? Well, I think it speaks so much more than I could. Welcome to Hump Day Dump, we’d love to have you join, whether it’s one photo or many, phone pics or camera pics, wordless or not!

hump day dump
All of my photos were taken on an iPhone with the app and were put together using Big Huge Labs mosaic maker… super simple and free. If you want to find me, I’m on instagram as TabithaBlue. For more fabulous Wordless Wednesday memes, check out Project Alicia, Better in Bulk and Wordless Wednesday