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A brief window of parted clouds allowed a portion of the day free from rain. And so we carried on with our plans which included a pumpkin “patch” (though just that term in Florida makes me laugh, for it’s usually a few rows of pumpkins in a parking lot or on a few pallets next to an old man selling peanuts and corn), train rides and ponies. The sun needled like pin pricks through a grey sky heavy with moisture, but a welcoming gesture for our Fall day nonetheless.

Our excitement for the day began to unravel as we stepped out in the thick air. It was hot. And not in the this-is-kind-of-bearable hot, but more like I-can’t-breathe kind of hot. Still, we pressed on. We carried cranky kids, roasted marshmallows over the fire and laughed at the craziness of it all instead of what we felt like doing… running back to air conditioning and declaring that it is not even close to Fall yet.

Despite the soaring temps, we made the best of it. We fastened ourselves to the many good things that so outweighed the rest. Or at least, that was our goal. And we chose that route until we made our way to the “patch.” I looked at Chris and cried, “I can’t take pictures here. Now.” While I snapped the lens cap back on the front of my camera, the unanimous decision was to wait. Wait for another “patch.” Wait for a cold front. Wait for a moment when we weren’t all drenched with perspiration and dampened spirits.

And that? I’m okay with to. We still held on to the good of that day. We tried not to dwell on the blemishes and instead focused on the beautiful story of our own day, imperfect, yes, and so us. And a very big pumpkin patch re-do is on it’s way… Mama found the place.


In the meantime, a few other things we’ve been loving lately…

Art projects.

In air conditioning of course.

The making of the pumpkin bread.

The official turn of seasons in our home doesn’t happen until this happens.

If Fall had a flavor, pumpkin is most definitely it, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg completing the crescendo of Autumn perfection.


Time with this wee one. 

And splashing in the rain while we wait for sister to get home from school.


Hello, face-painted little girl. We missed you dearly.


So just like any moment in parenthood, or life for that matter… it’s going to be unpredictable, it’s not going to go according to plan, so what do you do?

“Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”
~John Wooden

We make the best. We dance in the rain and smile through the sweat and tears. We make memories. We pray that our children’s stories continue to grow from half-full to brimming with each portion we write.