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Six years ago I was shaky and terrified, happy and full of tears, in love and exhausted. Six years ago I became a mama, with a tiny little 6 pound 1 ounce baby laid across my chest, wanting me, needing me… and I her.

It was the most thrilling moment of my life.

Since then? There have been six years of happiness and growing, for both Aliyah and I. So we celebrate our girl and her beautiful, amazing six years of teaching us about life and what real, raw love is like.

We celebrate with plenty of pink, and ponies. With sweet things and girly things. With sticky things and lovely things, and oh so many things that make us smile.

party collage

My baby girl, my little one that isn’t so little anymore, just soaks it all in and takes the reigns, knowing what it’s all about… the ponies of course. And the little kitten she happened to “adopt” for the first hour of her party.

party 7

Our pretty in pink pony celebration of her, in few words and many photos.

http://www.FreshMommyBlog.comAliyah-74Aliyah-50You’ll find vendor deets at the end of this post. http://www.FreshMommyBlog.comAliyah-59http://www.FreshMommyBlog.comAliyah-65
Aliyah-64Aliyah-63Aliyah-39We hung sheer curtains (that are now hanging in our outdoor space at home) all along the shelter area for a softer, more serene effect. party 8Click here for the easy, DIY instructions for creating the white washed “Celebrate” sign (which now hangs over our fireplace mantle).Aliyah-68

We opted to have the party at a local horse ranch, where there would be pony rides and a petting zoo, a train ride and a jungle gym. I’m sure they had no idea what to expect when we rolled in that morning with a  truckload of supplies and began to unload, but soon the sideways glances and stares became “Oohs” and “Ahhs”, pictures and questions. I’d just smile and reply, “We do parties big.”

And it’s hard to do a party big without face paint.

A motley crew. Just sayin’.


The pony rides were a hit, with wee ones all taking their turn riding, over and over and over again, smiling through cheeks of painted snakes and butterflies.

Speaking of snakes, oh yes there were some! Click here to read all about it.


And so maybe I thought mustaches would be totally adorable and went ahead and “made it work” by adding a bit of a western element to the party. They fit into a pony party theme, right?

party 5Aliyah-6Plant a Kissis a completely adorable book, and the character is so Aliyah. We asked all of her guests to sign the book and leave a note. A little kiss from our loved ones planted on the pages that she’ll cherish for years to come.


We didn’t need to come up with many activities because there was so much at the ranch to do, but the scavenger hunt we made was a huge hit with the girls.

party 6Aliyah-23

Every party is better with prezzies. For the kids, we wrapped up little goodies in a bandana and tied to sticks from our yard to make a western themed hobo bag. They scored a loot of bubbles, tattoos, a paper horse craft with crayons, harmonica and small toy horse.

http://www.FreshMommyBlog.comAliyah-47Aliyah-81 Aliyah-20

Vendor Credits:
Photography:: Relish Studios
All Paper Printables:: Luvalexa
Bunting and Materials:: We made and re-used from our Alice in Wonderland Party
Celebrate Party Sign:: We made it
Hats:: Amazon
Bandanas:: Amazon
Pink Chandelier:: Re-used from Aliyah’s former pink bedroom


Much love, from our growing family to yours.