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I sit here, freshly showered and feet propped, my two littles both contentedly asleep, the way a good night should begin. And yet, something is wrong. Not everything is in it’s place. A part of me, something so dearly important to my heart, is missing.

It may sound silly, and frankly kind of is, but one of my memory cards, with photos from our amazing and adventurous father’s day and many more of our sweet little family events (because we make almost anything around here an event), is missing.  Gone.  Lost.  And though I’m remaining as hopeful as I can that I’ll find it, I have yet to do just that and it’s bothering me. Like something precious has been taken from my grasp.
So, while we’re overturning every couch cushion and emptying every tote, I decided to do some purging of the memory cards I still have in my ever-tightening grip.

In doing so, I was reminded of the joys of summer, a season I’m passionately in love with (though the dawn of every new season is just as tantalizing). And, for a moment, the sad state of those lost photographed memories are forgotten.

Here’s just a small infusion of that happiness that been floating around my disc space lately.

{Swimsuit gardening with our beautiful, blooming little flower herself.  She’s ever-growing and constantly adding to her arsenal of “things she can do on her own.”  Like, take a shower and put her own laundry away.  Every day a little bit more of the baby is gone and more of the girl is mixed in.}

{Sunset drives through a small town.}
There’s nothing like the wind bouncing off the concrete and bustling your hair as you drive over small town bridges at sunset, inhaling the oranges, reds and blues of the quickly fading sky.

It’s like taking in a giant rainbow popsicle.


{Friends and babies.  My baby and my friends.  They get along so well.}

{My rocker man that will jump right in when I say that I need him as a test subject for a photoshoot idea.}

{A great season watching my man swing that stick of steel at flying softballs, pitch near-perfect games, team spirit and celebrations over ice cream.}

{Milling over the rainbow of flavors, choosing that impeccable balance of sweet and chocolate… yes, chocolate is it’s own adjective.}

{Our little helper girl.  Skimming out the pool before her afternoon swim.  I often forget she’s three.}

{Those eyes.  They sparkle and glisten, they tell me how much he loves me, they soak up every morsel of information and scream excitement.  They really are this amazing.}
Seriously.  I didn’t do this, it’s all him.

And one more little bit of happy, as this evening was my tiniest little fishy’s first time dipping past his toes in the pool. He was every bit as excited as he should be… and more. His hesitant feet recoiling upon initial touch, then settling into it. His timid squeal as the waters reached his bulging baby belly, then settling into it.  From then on, bliss.  Pure bliss.

Summer Swim from Tabitha Blue on Vimeo.

So, do tell of the little things in life that you’re loving right now.  Because there really is so much to love, lost memory cards aside.