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As a mom of four in a busy household, finding healthy options doesn’t always come cheap. It’s not always this way, but many times, choices are between healthy and accessible, or between organic and affordable. Seldom are they both. This is one of the many reasons I’m excited for a few Sprouts Farmers Market locations to open in our area, the first being just next week! If you saw our recent unboxing, then you know there is such a variety and assortment of options available… and if you know me, you know I like choices! 

In the spirit of teaching our kids about money and how to save, we’re also showing them how to plan for meals, write out our shopping lists and head to the store. If you’re like me and love to have plenty of options and choices, then let’s go through just a few of the ways you shop and save on groceries, and really any grocery bill, and especially at a Sprouts Farmers Market!

How to Shop and Save on Groceries:

Join the Email List

Sign up for Sprouts emails (and enter to win a cool bike!).

Check the Weekly circular

Each week Sprouts shares details about items on promotion in a weekly circular. The ads run for eight days, so when they “double-up” on Wednesdays, thats a “Double Ad Wednesday.”

Find the Deals of the Month

Each month Sprouts puts out a “Deals of the Month” flyer with additional promotions and coupons. These are often seasonally themed and have interesting recipes and tips. Grab them near the entrance of your local store.

Use the Bulk Bins

Bulk items don’t have the marketing or expensive packaging costs built into the pricing like conventional brand items. There are tons of options including multiple types of nuts, dried rice, beans and fruit, and even chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sprouts carries 100 bulk spices– a tremendous value to customers … buy as little or as much as you like. Need just a teaspoon of turmeric? Save the five bucks you’d spend on a jar of the spice and take only as much as you need.

Search Brand items

Sprouts offers a private label brand which provides an easy, more clearly labeled and affordable way to buy a wide selection of natural and organic products, as well as gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO varieties.

I’ve loved partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market and am excited that they will open the doors to the first Florida store in Carrollwood at 15110 N. Dale Mabry Hwy at 7 a.m. Come stop by for this fun event! The first 200 shoppers in line will receive 20 percent off their initial total purchase and they’ll be handing out Sprouts’ signature muffins and coffee samples for everyone in line before the doors open. Plus, every customer of the day will receive a free reusable bag with purchase.

See you at the new Sprouts!