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We should have a model party!  The excitement squeaked out between her words as we sat cuddled on the couch together captivated by our late night indulgence, America’s Next Top Model.

That was months ago, and after many things, like a move across country, threatening the very existence of the party, I have a very happy almost five year old running around in anticipation for the big day this Saturday. And also? Birthdays are a big deal around here. They’re a celebration of life, of the day our little miracles changed our lives for the better… for good.  How could we not celebrate in a big way.

In planning this party, with a very girly theme of supermodels, sparkly pink and poppy music, the difficult task was finding a way to include all of the boys that make up our circle of friends and family… and that’s where the superhero part came into play.

From what I’ve heard, we’ve got plenty of little boys and little girls, planning their outfits of princess dresses and superhero costumes and strutting around their homes in preparation for the big walk-off that is to come this weekend.

Here’s a little look at what went into the photoshoot that became the invitations for this party…

And here’s the finished product…
supermodel card
supermodel card_1
supermodel card_2

I designed the cards and had them printed at Miller’s Lab (Mpix is their open-to-the-public affiliate), made the CD’s myself and printed the design on Avery labels from Walmart, and ordered the CD hubs from Desktop Publishing Supplies. I hope to offer some printables in the near future. 

For right now, I’ve got a hot glue gun, lots of pink and a blank room begging to be made over.