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If you saw our recent Christmas announcement video, you know we have our special little baby number three on the way, already brightening and illuminating our lives by the flutters I feel and the joy the entire family finds in guessing gender and names, imagining what it will be like to hold another wee one and feeling the expansion in our hearts start to happen. Love is surrounding this new bundle already. Big brother and sister are waiting and can’t get enough of our stack of “When Baby Comes” books.

We’ve already passed the milestone of “apple sized” and little bunny is still growing. I did a weekly photo while I was pregnant with Brayden, and while at times it was hard to stay up on it, I was so glad I had that time captured. So here we are, again excited for what is to come, and with a belly that’s growing more quickly than ever before, we thought it was the perfect time to capture this new season of our lives, this new chapter.
15 weeks
It’s amazing to think that the level of love, or noise, in our house can increase at all, and yet we know that it’s now just a few months before the happiest days of our lives will be repeated again and our family will grow.


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