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16 weeks
To my sweet little bunny, 

It’s at this beautiful four month check mark on our tandem calendar we’re crafting together that my belly has begun to protrude past the “a little jiggly” point or the “could be holiday weight.” At least that’s what I feel like. Although, there are times when I notice glances, the way two women might check each other over, from hair to clothes to shoes… and then a pause at the midsection, wondering. These moments pull at my mother-bear-tendencies as I instinctively draw a hand to cover you. To shield you from the thoughts or judgements of others that I can’t quite fully discern and yet at the same time to proclaim to the world that yes, my body is in that magical phase of carrying and growing, fostering and nuturing a wee one. Will I forever be able to shield and protect a child from the judgements or criticism of this world? That’s never possible, and yet, that won’t ever stop me from trying. It’s the danger of loving hard, you feel everything all the more, but I wouldn’t choose to live any other way. And sweet one, I hope you grow to live the same way, passionately. To love deeply. Because loving you, and loving your family that’s counting down the days until your arrival, hurts so good. 

Little baby Blue, you are surrounded and shielded by our love already. Enjoy the cocoon.

Your mama-bear