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17 weeks

This morning I woke, well barely woke, and through a veil of half-openend eyelids slug one foot off of the bed and then the other… a rhythm of habit. It was an automated answer to “Mommy wake up, the sun is up!” After a few minutes of cuddles in the big bed, and once I couldn’t slyly extend my stay under the covers any longer, the day began. Today, I felt the tired, and yet I couldn’t help but smile because I know our little one is growing. Flutters have become wee kicks and flips are clearly felt. Our conversations have turned to What it will be like with three, and handmade shops on Etsy are now an even more dangerous threat to my wallet as my baby love Pinterest board keeps growing with cute little onesies and outfits that will soon hold the little love whose name (or possible name) we whisper in prayer.

The countdown continues… we are just about half way there!

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