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Do you all remember the Behavior Chart that was born out of our need for getting out the door as a happy, put-together, on-time family? Well, it’s worked like a charm! Aliyah has done so well with it, and most days, remembers her goals all on her own.

Just two days after we arrived home with her new baby brother, Aliyah had earned enough stickers to ‘purchase’ the blue elephant she’s had her eye on for about a month. So what better time to reward her on all her hard work than when a family paradigm shift gets thrown into the mix. We all packed up and headed out to one of her favorite locales, the bookstore, where the treasured blue elephant could be found.
As you can see, the reward was worth the effort.


As we finish out this month, we’re now beginning the process all over again for the next month. Every family is different, and every child learns and grows individually, but this has worked well with our family. If you’d like to download the chart and use it along with us, just click here! Happy growing.
Also, soon I’ll have the whirlwind birth story of our baby boy Blue put together (well, I haven’t actually started it yet, but I will), but to really get the miracle of his story, you’ll need a little background with the birth story of our sweet girl, Aliyah. So, her story will be coming first.
Stay tuned this week, there’s an AWESOME giveaway coming your way!