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We have a few things we’re working on with Aliyah before the baby arrives. Because really, who needs two crying babies when you live in the frigid temperatures of Michigan and you’re trying to get coats, scarves, hats, mittens, and boots on just to get in the car. Aliyah has had her fill of the cold, and the bundling up thing, and doesn’t much like to cooperate with the whole LETS TRY AND TAKE LESS THAN 10 MINUTES TO GET OUR COATS ON TODAY BECA– USE MOMMY IS RUNNING LATE AGAIN, thing. Maybe I’m the one that needs to work on a few things.
While I work on my timing, Aliyah is working on getting herself ready to get out the door, without whining.
And so, the Behavior Chart was born.
We pulled out stickers and crayons, and Aliyah got to work decorating her chart and writing her name in at the bottom. So far, so good. She was excited.
The great part about this chart is the self-evaluation. While Chris and I gave her ideas and encouragement, Aliyah is the one who decided what five personal goals she wanted to work on this month. Each area received it’s own color, and coordinating sticker. We then wrote down some great rewards that she could earn on the back of the chart. Some rewards are as simple as a trip to the bookstore or getting to read an extra book at bedtime.
So far, so good. She’s still excited.

Each night after dinner we take a couple of minutes and go through the chart with her to see how she’s done in each area. She’s always excited about this part and has really been honest in assessing her own work. For each area she’s shown progress, she receives that colored sticker. I think this is reward in itself, it’s amazing how ecstatic three year olds can get over stickers.

So far, so good. She’s loving it.IMG_5219

Because Aliyah is three, and because my patience is about at her age level sometimes, we tally up her stickers at the end of each week and she trades those in for some things off the wish list. If she were older, we’d do this at the end of each month. Maybe. Probably. If I could handle it.
If you’d like to download the Behavior Chart I created just click here. You can write in the month at the top, fill in the dates with your kids, and then let the decoration and progress begin!