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I shared this video clip on Twitter a little while ago, and realized that my kids are growing up with small little machines that can do more than my dad’s tethered car phone that was the size of a football and my pink cassette player I had as a kid, combined.  Needless to say, that now when my daughter picks up a phone that’s NOT a touchscreen, and tries to operate it by vigorously touching the screen and nothing happens? She hands it back, declaring, “This one’s broken.”

Because I love it when others share with me what works for them, and by that I mean, what will keep your kid occupied for at least five minutes while you’re checking out at the grocery store, because every mom knows that checkout time at the grocery store with kids is asking for it, like standing 0.5 inches from your brother’s face and telling him he CAN’T touch it. Try it sometime… I DARE you.

So, anyway, because I love it when others share… I’m sharing something back with you. Here’s a list of our top ten FREE iPad (and iPhone) apps for young kids:

Disney’s Toy Story Read Along App: It’s super adorable and fully interactive, we’ve even recorded our own voices for many of the pages! You can read along, watch clips of the movie, color pages, listen to the songs and play games.  (for iPad)

Talking Tom: This one keeps us rolling in laughter, and it keeps ALL of our attention for a long time. Talk and your pet cat, Tom, repeats everything you say in a hilarious voice, pet him and he purrs, poke him or grab his tail. You can even record it and share with friends. (for iPad)

Virtuoso Piano Free: The kids both love to play on this one, it can be set up for an individual or setup up for dueling pianos… too fun!  Just know, you might get tired of hearing all the noise created by little hands.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Doodle Buddy: This one is just like it sounds, a doodler with tons of adorable backgrounds your kids (or you!) can choose from, stamps to use or choose to paint, write in chalk or use a glitter pen!  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Glow Stick: My daughter loves all the different colors and patterns available, and says “Wow” continually, even though she’s seen them all many times over. Just slide your finger over the glow stick to “break” it and shake the device to watch it literally glow.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Make Me a Princess (Lite): For the girly-girl, which my girl totally is… usually.  Dress a princess from top to bottom, choose the hair, accessories, the dress and background.  She can play with this one for hours, creating different dress up combinations.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Toddler Teaser Shapes: Kids learn shapes and then earn “stickers” as rewards, which of course is their favorite part.  They can add stickers to their reward page and then you can even save that image into your photo library.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Timmy’s Preschool Adventure (Lite): Your child can help Timmy get to school as they work through problem solving activities, learning numbers, shapes and patterns in the process. They collect “stickers” along the way as they complete each activity, which always makes every task more fun.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Matching Zoo: A cute, colorful matching game with fun sounds.  My daughter loves to play… and beat, this one and it helps build her retention.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Bubble Free: Pop bubble-wrap as fast as you can!  We like another version called Bubbles as well, which was free when we originally downloaded it, but there is a minimal charge for it now.  Both fun, and addicting… and great for babies too.  (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
What are your favorite iPad or iPhone apps?  Please share in the comments, I’d love to find something new!

And look who’s REALLY walking and LOVING it!

Happy weekending!