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right now, I am…

thankful:: for the close friends I have that can just call and say they are coming for a visit… for the week.

hearing:: the short silence that is nap time in a house full of kids.

excited:: to take all the kids out for a movie adventure.

full:: from breakfast that was hours ago, but full of fresh belgian waffles and breakfast casserole.

wondering:: how it got to be late afternoon before I posted today?

laughing:: constantly from all the silly games, conversations, sing-songs and phrases coming from all the little people around here.

loving:: the way this rat-pack loves each other.

dancing:: after bath times to the sweet tunes of “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”

laundering:: piles of towels, sheets, and clothing that comes from a household that doubled in size over the weekend.

anticipating:: the rest of the week being just as lovely and full as the beginning.

asking:: what are you all up to today?

wishing:: you all a fulfilling day, rain or shine (ours, unfortunately, is drenched in rain).