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right now I am…

thankful:: for my returned health, because being sick is not fun, and I like to have fun.

looking:: for ways to use up the score of oranges we still have in our kitchen from this trip

Orange Grove

wearing:: my hair like this almost everyday this past week… because we’ve spent a lot of time at the beach. And maybe because I’ve been a little lazy in that department.

reading:: this book and this one. What’s with all the French inspiration lately? Has me craving this again.

loving:: this mix of breezy spring weather and the happy sunshine that greets us each morning, promising warmth, sand and surf.

stocking:: up on our beach gear. Towels are freshly washed and folded, a new mix of beach toys that the kids purchased with a lingering Christmas gift card sits awaiting our next rendezvous with the ocean (which will be very, very soon).

admiring:: their independent play and how well they interact with each other. It’s a little moment of this-is-what-it’s-about right here when I see them, the way my heart flutters, the way my insides ache to see them grow and yet how proud I am to see whom they’ve become already. And also a little bit, “May I have another please?”
Kids Play (2 of 12)
Kids Play (3 of 12)
Kids Play (13)

planning:: a party for my littlest who just turned two, a little late, but we know how to make up for mommy being gone. And also, Papa and Nana will be here then. Another also… I have two weeks to rock it out.

looking:: back at this post from well over a year ago, and realizing I need to do this more. To snapshot my day and feelings at the moment. Take a snippet of words, not too much, not too little, but just enough.

hoping:: you all have a marvelous day! And do tell, what are you feeling right now?

Enjoying today.