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Today.  Sometimes I like to step back and pluck a snapshot of our day right out of the mix of wildflowers, roses, sunflowers and daises… the crazy garden bed of our lives. I huddle that delicate prize in my hands to shield it from any of the elements that might mess with it, as I walk it right into the house and plop it into a vase. As is. Then, as though it’s something I’ve been doing my entire life, I take a step back and admire the beauty that’s found in it’s simplicity.  And later? I can pass by and see exactly what was growing in that bountiful garden bed at that moment.

Today. Letting life and what’s happening right now take center stage.

So, today I am…

cuddling:: way past any normal getting-out-of-bed time, just because.
morning cuddles

keeping:: my kids close and cozy for a much needed day at home. A day full of rest was a little overdue… just going by previous days’ behaviors. Sometimes we all need resting and refueling days.

devouring:: our third loaf of pumpkin bread we’ve made in the last few days. It’s been insanely good, like cue-the-chorus-of-angels kind of good… even if our latest loaf is a little on the extra moist and gooey side. It sits on the counter (though it doesn’t last long) in that glass dome just waiting to be buttered and swallowed almost whole.  And I’ve been eating it for breakfast.

planning:: a few upcoming trips. If you’d like to book a photo session, just email me for more information.

~Orlando, October 23-29, 2010
~Los Angelas, November 20-27, 2010
~Philadelphia, February 1-6, 2011
~Chicago, February 12-20, 2011
~New York, April 22-30, 2011

learning:: how to take self portraits with a babe slung tight and resting on my hip, legs hanging down my side just so. It’s so totally adorable that I can’t not take a photo… but that, my friends, is not easy.
At the Orchard25
At the Orchard23
At the Orchard24
This was my somewhat failed attempt at the orchard the other day.

laughing:: at the ever changing emotions of littles, and what mamas go through sometimes to get a decent shot.
At the Orchard28_2up

listening:: to the sounds of rhythmic little breaths as I type… there’s nothing like it. It’s heavenly I tell you.

watching:: my little crawler bust out his little rock star moves on all fours.
At the Orchard33
At the Orchard34

admiring:: as he one-ups himself and takes those moves up the stairs, onto our furniture, pulling himself up and moving along the edges… of anything.

loving:: this little one that made me a mama with every ounce my soul can muster… and doing a little of just what she wants to do today.
aliyah in pink

fully:: embracing this moment in time.

hoping:: you are too!

Enjoying today.