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today, I am…

missing:: my family.

talking:: to my baby girl daily. How did she get to be so big? When did she become old enough to hold phone conversations and tell me all about her day? This is a highlight of my day.

enjoying:: friendships that keep growing stronger as time goes on – even when I’m gone, I still feel close.

christmas morning

reveling:: in the warmth, the scents, the colors, the time spent with family and the meaning that my Christmas was made of this year.

remembering:: the feel of my best friend, my husband, next to me. It feels as though a part of me is left at home.

listening:: to one of my favorite book series… I always hear new things that I may have missed in the book.


admiring:: our kitty, Dolce, for learning not to climb in the tree or eat the decorations this year. (We have big aspirations in our household.)

thinking:: what made me say “yes” to photographing a wedding? I don’t really know what I’m doing.

reading:: a whole chapter on “Shooting Weddings Like a Pro” over and over, in a new book of mine. Maybe it won’t turn out so bad after all.

anticipating:: a wonderful new year ahead – full of new beginnings, new endeavors, new milestones, new life!

wishing:: you all a very fulfilling and happy weekend!