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It’s a busy day, and I’d much rather be telling you what I’m not doing than what I am doing.
Because I really don’t want to talk about laundry, diaper changes, doctor’s visits, unpacking suitcases, dishes, errands, gymnastics, stopping by the office, and the way my husbands shirt hugs the curves of his bicep muscles as he totes our children around as if they were as light as dolls.

Gets me every time.  Gets me thinking about more baby names.

Wait, did I just say that?


Oh, and the gymnastics class my daughter is taking…  That is actually pretty fun to watch.
Otherwise, I think moving and starting over might be easier than unpacking, washing, and putting away two weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, extra baby stuff and toys from our trip.
So instead I’ll show you what I’m not doing.
Times Square Taxis
I’m definitely not walking through the streets of Manhattan today.  Nope.  
That was yesterday.